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Field of Expertise

We work specifically with companies and organizations in the Third Sector, in the following areas:

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW ______________________________________________________

  • Administrative defenses in the IRS Brazil in all the instances
  • Act in Audit Offices
  • Submit petitions and appeals for the Government
  • Annalyse contracts with the Government

LITIGIOUS LAW ____________________________________________________________

  • Defense in legal proceedings
  • Start legal processes
  • Acting in all the instances of Brazilian Justice
  • Oral arguments in Courts
  • Act in Court hearings

LEGAL ADVICE _____________________________________________________________

  • Legal Opinion
  • Lead meetings and assemblies
  • Preventive Law
  • Legal updating
  • Risk annalysis

TAX LAW _________________________________________________________________

  • Tax exceptions
  • Tax restitutions
  • Advisory to maintain tax exceptions
  • Advise strategies for the Third Sector to raise funds throught for corporate tax donations

INTERNATIONAL LAW _______________________________________________________

  • Analyse and elaborate partnership contracts between international and Brazilian organizations
  • Advise the legal transfer of international funds
  • Register international organizations in Brazil

INSTITUTIONAL GOVERNANCE ________________________________________________

  • Taylor made Statements to constitute Third Sector organizations including all the legal requirements
  • Taylor made By-Laws to regulate the management and governance of intitutional procedures
  • Taylor made Code of Ethics to preview consequences as well as members expelling procedures

DISSOLUTION OF ORGANIZATIONS _____________________________________________

  • Dissolution procedures of organizations in legal and patrimonial aspects

PROCEDURAL REPRESENTATION _______________________________________________

  • Hearings, colllecting documents, act in all the Brazilian legal instances
  • Court oral submissions

BUSINESS LAW ____________________________________________________________

  • Corporate formal constitutions
  • Legal constitution of business groups and partnerships
  • Migration of businesses from health and educational area into non-profit organizations

ADVOCACY ________________________________________________________________

  • Participate in law elaboration in municipal, state and federal instances
  • Elaborate law opinion and risk annalysis
  • Advanced negociations with Government
  • Oral submissions in Government cabinets meetings

EVENTS __________________________________________________________________

  • Lectures
  • Classes
  • Workshops
  • Interviews
  • Scientifics Events